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Helping Node.js developers write robust applications πŸš€

A picture of me on a sunny day in Brazil

Hello world!

You are solving real world problems by writing code and I am here to help you.

My name is Maxim Orlov and I started my journey into software development 6 years ago. Although I hold an academic degree (in Economics) I did not study Computer Science and I’m entirely self-taught. With the help of freeCodeCamp, amongst others, I managed to land my first job as a backend engineer in just 6 months time. I left my home country and the rest is history.

Now I work remotely while traveling & exploring the world while I’m still in my 20’s (because if not now then when, right?!). I keep my professional life on Twitter, Github and LinkedIn but if you’re curious about the traveling lifestyle as a Software Engineer Nomad you can follow me on Instagram.

The goal for this website and all the content I create is to help you and many web developers out there to become better solutionists, write good software and excel at your career. If I’ve helped you in any way, feel free to send me a message and tell me more about your story. It helps me stay motivated and most importantly, it keeps me in touch with my readers, you.

PS: I like to read/listen to non-fictional (audio) books. In case you might be interested in what I’ve read so far, I keep a history in this repository. Try a book from the list for your next read and let me know what you think!