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Leapfrog the learning curve with a mentor who provides personalized feedback and valuable insights, paving your way to a successful career in web development
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Job Hunt Assessment

Are you crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, or are you confident you've presented yourself in a way that's impossible to ignore?

Imagine the confidence of knowing your value is clearly communicated with every job application you send. You'd present yourself not as a hopeful applicant but as a prospective asset.

When you order your Job Hunt Assessment, you'll receive actionable and specific feedback on your job search strategy. You'll learn:

  • How to align your resume with what tech recruiters are desperately seeking
  • The secrets to a cover letter that opens doors instead of going into the trash
  • Strategies to make your LinkedIn profile a magnet for job offers
  • Techniques for zeroing in on positions that scream your name

Recommended for aspiring web developers who've sent hundreds of applications and received little to no response, or folks who are about to start applying and want to do it right.

Once I reached out to Maxim, my job hunt finally started to pay off. His advice was a game-changer - I immediately started to get responses back from companies. The feedback I received didn't just help me stand out, it empowered me to find a job I truly deserve.

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Maria Lobillo Santos Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
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