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Refactoring Callbacks Course

Learn how to write maintainable asynchronous JavaScript code with visual guides and 30+ real-world exercises Start Now
Refactoring Callbacks, a FREE 5-day email course. 30+ real-world exercises, a visual guide and 5 days, 5 lessons.

Constantly struggling to keep your code understandable while having deeply nested calls everywhere?

Callback trees a million deep are distressing.

Maybe you're not fully comfortable using async/await. The code works, but it's not clear to you why it works.

Writing asynchronous code in Node.js is hard, and every time you try, it quickly turns into spaghetti mess.

But what if you could write clean asynchronous code...

Imagine being able to write asynchronous code that's easy to read and maintain, how would that benefit you? You could ace your next job interview, impress your colleagues, or maybe even get a promotion!

Implementing a feature or fixing a bug in a legacy project is NO fun. If you could confidently refactor those nested callbacks to flat async/await, your ability to fix issues and implement new features would sky-rocket.

Async/await isn't magic. You can fully understand how it works after only a handful of lessons.

A FREE course designed to teach you a practical skill

Learn how to turn unmaintainable code into code that is easy to read and change with a FREE 5-day email course.

Although I was already using async/await, there were spots where, despite getting the correct results, some inner workings were a bit unclear for me. Reading your explanation cleared these spots for me.

Profile picture of Robertino Vasilescu
Robertino Vasilescu Fullstack Node.js Developer

You'll get the Refactoring Callbacks Guide that has visual explanations of how to convert nested callbacks to async/await. Using a simple yet effective 5-step approach, you'll gain the confidence to refactor deeply nested callback hells without introducing new bugs.

Moreover, with 30+ real-world exercises you'll transfer knowledge into a practical skill that will greatly benefit your career.

This course is really awesome! The content is high quality, well structured and I've learned a lot. Now I feel confident working with asynchronous programming.

Profile picture of Omar Abdelaziz
Omar Abdelaziz Computer Science Student

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Refactoring Callbacks, a FREE 5-day email course. 30+ real-world exercises, a visual guide and 5 days, 5 lessons.

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