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🔗An unsecure VPS keeps you up at night

Having a public-facing server can be stressful — how do you protect your data and keep the bad guys out? 😣

Server security feels like something only security experts can pull of. It's a massive rabbit hole too.

A VPS gives you a lot of flexibility, but it also comes with great responsibility. Being a good citizen of the cloud means preventing your server from becoming part of a malicious botnet. 🤖

🔗But it doesn't have to be that way..

What if you could secure your server with confidence? Imagine a fort knox where only you had the keys to the gates. 🏰

Securing your VPS doesn't have to cost you days of research, or having to consult with a security expert.

You can have the peace of mind of a secure server where you, and only you, are in full control.

🔗Secure your VPS in less than 5 minutes

Use the VPS Security Cheatsheet to secure your servers with the 80/20 rule to VPS security.

By applying four security measures in just less than 5 minutes, you'll stay ahead of everyone else.

Grab the FREE cheatsheet and keep it close to you whenever you're spinning up new servers or securing existing ones. 👇🏼

A preview of the VPS Security Cheatsheet.

Download the VPS Security Cheatsheet

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